At Heather Hill Nursing Agency and Heather Hill Home Care, we know you lead busy lives and that work should only ever be a part of those lives. We also understand that you want:

Heather Hill Nursing Agency Jobs
  • To be paid above award pay rates
  • To be paid for the hours you work and not what your position says you work
  • To be able to take leave whenever YOU want to
  • On the job and in-house training
  • A professional, respectful and supportive environment to work in (24 hours / 7 days a week phone support from experienced registered nurses)
  • To work only when YOU want to and only where YOU are happy to go to
  • To be able to speak or meet directly with an open and understanding management team
  • To be shown appropriate recognition when you do a job well
  • To work for a company with a high staff retention rate (over 60% of our staff have been with us for more than 5 years) after all who better to judge what it is like working for us than our own employees
  • To have job security (every day we turn down more shifts than we can fill)

We deliver on all of the above plus a whole lot more. Heather Hill Nursing Agency and Home Care are Australian family owned businesses and look at their nursing staff as an extension of that family. To find out more information on the types of nurses we are looking for please click on the links below.

Title Location Type Position Info
Personal Carer (PC) Greater Brisbane Region Aged Care PC Details Details
Assistant Nurse (AN) Greater Brisbane Region Aged Care AN Details Details
Endorsed Enrolled Nurse (EEN) Greater Brisbane Region Aged Care EEN Details Details
Registered Nurse (RN) Greater Brisbane Region Aged Care RN Details Details

What do our nurses say about us?

Heather Hill Nursing Agency Jobs

We recently surveyed our nursing staff to see what they thought set us apart from other agencies. Here are some of the responses we received:

"The personable quality of the office staff they always sound interested in what you have to say… they really listen. We can't always get that attention in our family life... so, if HHNA can do that… then it makes sense that their nursing staff comment that it is like dealing with good, supportive family."

"Flexibility and variety in work. Excellent, friendly call centre. Always paid on time. Excellent support when/if things go wrong. Up-to-date training available. Good rates of pay. Enough work to be able to pay the rent, buy food, pay bills and have some left over to enjoy. What more could I ask for?"

"Their professionalism. The quality of the information that is made available for all staff. The atmosphere created gives an aura of family. The ability to listen to staff. The support given to staff."

If you are a nurse looking for home care or facility work in aged care and think you have what it takes to be a Heather Hill Nurse please click on the applicable position description above or call (07) 3720 9122 and ask to speak to one of our Recruitment Consultants on (07) 3720 9122.