About Memories Films

As a registered nurse working in aged care facilities I fondly recall the many stories, funny anecdotes, life experiences and beautiful memories which were recounted to me by my elderly patients. This history and these stories are almost always remembered by close family, but often dim with the passage of time or illness and are frequently forgotten or lost.

One client, named Rose, met her husband prior to the commencement of World War II. They planned a life together but he was called to war and so she waited. He was taken a prisoner in Changi Jail but Rose was told he had died. She had promised him that she would wait for him to return. Rose honoured this promise and, at the end of the war, found that he was, in fact, alive but seriously ill. He would never again eat rice in any form nor would he speak of his hardships in Changi Jail. They married and remained happily married until Rose’s passing 45 years later. He remained an adoring and loving husband and father to his family until his death.

Another client had been an avid country boy, a sharp shooter, often bringing rabbits home for family meals. When World War II loomed he reluctantly joined the army. Because of his skills with a rifle he was trained as a sniper. He loathed his job, hated killing, but recognised it was a case of him or them. He would sit still for hours, without movement, waiting for the enemy to advance. His body would ache with inactivity as he defended “his patch”. He learned to hide his pain and, in advancing years when his appendix burst, he did not talk of pain merely a “mild discomfort” in his abdomen as he was wheeled away for emergency surgery. This gentleman loved fine clothes and even as dementia descended upon him he insisted on wearing a starched white shirt with tie and coat and would never be seen without his Fedora hat.

After years of nursing practice I became increasingly aware of the need for families to keep a living and permanent record of their family history for future generations and in response formed a partnership with the widely respected production company 18a to create Memories, a professional 30 minute documentary spanning the life of a family member.

The Memories DVD is a wonderfully vibrant way to ensure your family history is retained and shared with future generations. It is live, raw, heartfelt, vivid, accurate and sincere. The day of filming is intense, good fun but ultimately exhausting. Your family members will find they are moved to tears and laughter in equal amounts on what can only be termed an emotional thrill ride as your loved one shares their life with those present. Our production crew are extremely professional, caring and experienced however and will ensure that the family star is treated with all the care and support required to put in a truly heartfelt performance.

I strongly encourage you to have a look at the trailers available on the website, including the one from the Memories DVD of my mother, Joyce, by clicking here (link to HHG/Trailers).

Heather Hill
Managing Director