Heather Hill Generations

Heather Hill Generations has partnered with the widely respected production company 18a to create Memories, a professional 30 minute documentary spanning the life of the client. Memories immortalises the life of the chosen family member in a professional DVD format which can be shared with your family and passed on to future generations.

The client is the main narrator on screen who, with the assistance of one of our highly qualified interviewers, family photographs and film footage, memorabilia and keepsakes, recounts the moments, memories, stories and historical events that brought them to this present day. Please click here or call 1300 227 949 if you would like more information on Memories or here if you would like to see more of our Memories trailers.

These beautiful family documentaries are live, raw, heartfelt, vivid, accurate and sincere. The day of filming is intense, good fun but also exhausting as your family is moved to tears and laughter in equal amount. The team at 18a are professional, caring and experienced and will ensure that the family star is treated with all the care and support required to put in a truly heartfelt performance.


Generations Trailers

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